There is perhaps no better way to relax than spending time near soothing water bodies. Now combine this relaxation with delicious food, top-notch hospitality and high-end entertainment activities- that too while floating over an ocean or a river. Sounds great right? This is what cruise ships are all about. It’s a must for travellers to experience the mapping of seas and rivers in one of India’s luxury cruises. The extravagant services combined with the peace and tranquility of calm waters is something which cannot be matched. Luxury cruises was a distant dream for most people as they were only available at international destinations, but now with the arrival of luxury cruises in India, the dream has become more accessible.

Individuals, business honchos, film personalities, the elite and affluent folk, have certainly fallen for the alluring luxury cruise liners in the lap of luxury. The once in a while experience of a luxury ship cruise combined with energetic services and luxurious amenities are some of the attractive features that makes Luxury Cruises a cut above the rest.

At one point in time, this was taken only by the highly affluent as were the highly exorbitant prices. Presently, thanks to the Exotic Luxury Cruises within the Peninsula country, this ‘dream’ has now become an achievable reality for many.

Whether you’re planning a romantic escape, family getaway or going to take in the sights luxury cruises in India offer you the much deserved break across some of the most diverse locales across India.

Whereas the M.V. Mahabahu Cruise takes you on a cultural excursion through the path less travelled in North East India sailing through the cascading waters of Bramhaputra River, you may select to set sail through the palm fringed backwaters of Kerala the luxury cruise liner Vrinda by Oberoi Group.

Yet another luxury cruise by Vivada set sail to the world’s largest mangroves and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sunderban Delta, the Heritage River Ganges Cruise lets you explore the Eastern river banks and former colonies which were established by the French and the Portuguese in Bengal.